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“Woke Church” Defined

According to the urban dictionary as well as Merriam-Webster, “wokeness” is a measurable state of awareness about what is happening in the world.”  It has become popular in the context of racial tension and social injustice in reference to someone who thinks for themselves and sees what is truly going on around them. At Thriving’s Frequency Conference (which Streamside sponsors), the church was challenged to be truly “Woke” by letting Christ shine on us and the world around us allowing us to see things as they really are. Ephesians 5:13-14 But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible,  for...

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Together we can make a life-changing quality week of camp accessible for any child. Life changing means that each camper is presented with the person and work of Jesus Christ and is taught to live of life of obedience. Quality means that we are providing pleasant and safe facilities, ample and diverse recreational activities, a screened and well trained staff of Christ followers, healthy and tasty food as well as fun and creative programming. A life-changing quality week of camp costs $325 per camper.  We can make it happen by sharing this cost collaboratively between parent/guardian, a sending church of agency,...

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Time in a Tube

During our Labor Day Weekend Retreat, alumni young and old buried our 75th Anniversary time capsule.  The waterproof stainless steel tube contained a variety of meaningful items collected by campers during the summer of 2017. We have left instructions for those who follow behind us to dig up and open the time capsule during Streamside’s 100th Anniversary in 2042.  It is our hope that when this time capsule is dug up and opened, Streamside is still holding true to the teaching and living of God’s Word and continues to reach out to and welcome those who  desperately need access...

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Streamside and the Frequency Conference

Why does a camp like Streamside sponsor a church focused event like the Frequency Conference?  It comes down to 3 words:  Bible, City and Reconciliation. Streamside is a camp that loves the Bible, loves the city and believes in reconciliation, both to God and therefore to other people including those different than us. Thrive In The City desires “to set hearts to the frequency of Christ on an urban frontier.” They are an urban resource collaborative serving urban missionaries. We love what they are doing because Streamside wants to see thriving, biblically solid and culturally effective churches in the...

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Work, Work, Work

How do young people view work?  A graduated scale of attitudes toward work might look something like this…. 1. Work is something to avoid at all costs.  This is an attitude that seems to desire that everything is to be supplied to oneself without any effort.  If you withhold it from me or make me work for it, you are being mean and unfair.  I deserve it and if others have it, I should have it too. 2. Work is putting in time for money.  A job is a way for me to get money.  If I show up you need to pay...

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