Family Camp Weekend 2017

Streamside Family Camp is a great way to introduce children to Streamside along with their entire families. The weekend is filled with Streamside summer activities, good food, and Bible teaching appropriate for every age - all at a very affordable price!family

Family Camp is a great opportunity for families to go on a vacation together, build memories, grow closer, learn to play and pray together and simply have fun away from the busyness of everyday life.

Bob & Sue Eden from Family Life will be leading a seminar on "Grace Based Parenting." There will be separate age appropriate programming for children and teens.



Families can choose to stay together in their own cabin, join others in gender specific cabins, and/or let their camp age children stay in a cabin with Streamside counselors. We look foward to having your family join us as we begin the summer with an emphasis on family.


Grace Based Parenting


Grace Based Parenting shows moms and dads how to love their kids the way God loves His: with grace. Parents will gain a realistic job description for raising spiritually strong children with calm hearts that are full of purpose and hope. Parents can expect to walk away from the experience with a blueprint for building confident, courageous, and cooperative kids.

Grace Based Parenting gives a biblically-based plan for nurturing well-balanced and loving kids. The series helps parents discover how to: 

  • Create an atmosphere within their families that automatically brings the best out of everyone
  • Teach children to navigate their culture, choose better friends, and make wiser choices
  • Meet the three true needs of children
  • Liberate their children emotionally and spiritually
  • Replace fear with fun in their roles as parents
  • Keep from investing energy in a long list of things that don’t matter

2017 Calendar

Family Camp : June 9 - June 11 Sold out for 2017

  • $75 per Adult (age 18 and older)
  • $50 per Teen (age 13-17)
  • $25 per Child (age 5-12)
  • FREE under age 5

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“We sponsored a family to go to Family Camp in June and what a wonderful time they had! God really spoke to them and they asked us to come to their house and have Bible study with them. They are having family devotions, do Bible study homework eagerly and are growing in the Lord"

Christine, BCM Missionary