We saw Streamside’s ministry vision in full bloom during Winter Blast 2017.  Children and teens from BCM Bible Clubs, Salem Baptist, Christ Reformed, Manahawkin Baptist, Graffiti Church and 2nd Baptist Bethlehem joined other Streamside campers to learn that when life breaks us up, God is able to fix us up and will continue to finish us up until we are brand new. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

We are grateful to be able to provide affordable and quality Christian camping programs to these youth workers who love kids from the city or want to see their churches strengthened.  Our volunteer team, mostly made up of young people from our leadership programs, did an excellent job providing supervision, spiritual counsel and safety for the 142 participants.  Wayne Morgan of the National Network of Youth Ministries and J.M. Smith from Lamb’s Church Manhattan provided Bible teaching and worship music that resonated with the felt needs of the young people present.  One teen, in response to the spiritual challenge, surprised her mother by disconnecting with negative influences on social media when she returned home.