Throughout 2017, Streamside Camp & Conference Center will be celebrating 75 years of reaching children and strengthening churches. Established in 1942 to provide Christian camping experiences for African American children from BCM Bible Clubs in Philadelphia, Streamside has never lost its mission to be the camp for those unable to access a quality Christian camping experience. In addition to BCM missionaries, Streamside has become a resource to other churches and ministries all along the East Coast who are committed to reaching under-served children with the Gospel as well as enriching their lives. The same facilities used in our ministry continue to be made available to churches, Christian ministries and community agencies looking for a welcoming and affordable retreat location with a service-oriented staff. As we serve these children, ministries and groups, we remain committed to intentional leadership development through our Arise Leadership programs. If you have not been to Streamside recently, we would love to see you in 2017.