“How shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation”    Hebrews 2:3

This summer at Streamside, with the help of popular comic book characters, we sought to understand what it means to be saved.  Using simple terms we explored the theological concepts of reconciliation (getting along again), substitution (put in place of), propitiation (turning away wrath), redemption (set free by payment) and dominion (absolute control). These concepts along with salvation stories like Cain & Abel, Noah, Abraham & Isaac and Rahab led to many questions, conversations and meaningful spiritual decisions.

I am pleased to report the following key statistics from the Summer of 2017….

  • Family Camp: 98  
  • One Day Camp: 76
  • Teens completing Service & Leadership Training: 13
  • Kids & Teen Campers: 281
  • Spiritual Decisions: 120
  • Summer Staff:  39
  • Volunteers: 8
  • Collaborating Ministries: 20
  • End of Summer Camp & Retreat Guests: 1,057

Craig Vincent/Executive Director