“It’s great to teach something you already know to the kids, but it’s also great to learn from them something that you need, but didn’t realize you needed.“

Benji Huanca, Bolivia

We are grateful for the team God sent us this summer.  Their passion for God, commitment to the vision of Streamside and love for the children was evident as they set aside personal agendas, comfort and relationships to selflessly serve the Lord in the ministry of Christian camping. As you can see, a summer serving at Streamside, not only reaches children, but changes us as well.

“The summer was a chance to stretch, not only myself, but my campers. When helping people to grow, you must take away their feeling of comfort.” Gregory Byrd, Paterson, NJ

“Amazing to see how God works in the hearts of campers and having fun at the same time.” Dave Brown, Stroudsburg, PA

“Despite the challenges, God was faithful and brought campers to a closer relationship with Him.” Kayla Day, Susquehanna, PA

“It has been a wonderful experience in growth of personal development, relationship with God in Christ and new found family of others who are on the same journey.” Patrick Mattiaccio, Wilkes Barre, PA

“Summer went well. We reached alot of kids. Patience was key.” Khalil Griffin-Lawrence, Philadelphia

“Action packed and full of teachable moments.” Sarah Brown, Stroudsburg, PA

“Every relationship, every day, cultivating change, but God stayed the same. “ James Forte, Little Rock, Arkansas

“We sparked an interest in these kids hearts through conversations and actions. We helped them grow in their faith and they helped us grow in ours.” Shannon Smillie, Northern Ireland

“It was an amazing experience. Bunch of joy in the air.“ Emmanuel Ofori, Ghana

“It was a true blessing, but God’s favor and will to see the children influencing staff as well as staff influencing children.“ Deborah Adesina, UK