Why does a camp like Streamside sponsor a church focused event like the Frequency Conference?  It comes down to 3 words:  Bible, City and Reconciliation. Streamside is a camp that loves the Bible, loves the city and believes in reconciliation, both to God and therefore to other people including those different than us. Thrive In The City desires “to set hearts to the frequency of Christ on an urban frontier.” They are an urban resource collaborative serving urban missionaries. We love what they are doing because Streamside wants to see thriving, biblically solid and culturally effective churches in the urban context. The campers we love and invest significant time and resources in need these kind of churches in their neighborhoods. 

In 2017, in honor of our 75th Anniversary and our legacy in Philadelphia, Streamside became the presenting sponsor for The Frequency Conference’s Friday night session which features Bryan Loritts as speaker and is followed by a Christian hip hop concert with Sho Baraka.  A reception for Streamside takes place before the event.  Tickets are free with conference registration or $10 for Friday evening only and are available at https://thrivingfrequency.com/register/