On February 15, 2018, through collaboration with Streamside Camp and Conference Center, Jason Lewis aka “Humble Tip” was invited by Pocono Mountain West High School to host the Beautiful Tomorrow Assembly. The Beautiful Tomorrow Assembly inspires and empowers young people to overcome adversity, accomplish their goals and strive for their beautiful tomorrow by focusing on the issues of anti-bullying, overcoming adversity and college readiness. Over 1,600 students were present and engaged for the assembly. This assembly separates itself from traditional assemblies in that it is technologically interactive, and highly energetic. “Humble Tip” conversed with the student body in effort to better identify their struggles and provide practical life solutions. After the assembly the students could interact with “Humble Tip” in the school cafeteria as well as  participate in a live question and answering on Instagram. Learn more about Beautiful Tomorrow Assemblies at https://beautifultomorrowassembly.com/