Streamside first meet Kairi Creighton at an Angel Tree Party hosted by St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Philadelphia.  Kairi, whose father was incarcerated, had benefited from the Angel Tree Christmas program previously and was asked to lead in prayer during the program.  Afterwards, he was approached by Streamside’s Executive Director, Craig Vincent, and asked to consider becoming a CIT (Counselor in Training).

His first summer at Streamside was challenging. The outdoor environment of camp was new to him.  He was used to having his clothes neatly ironed. It was his first time away from home for an extended period of time and he struggled being away from his grandmother. It was also his first time under male leadership.  Although it was challenging, Kairi credits his experience at Streamside as a key ingredient in his learning of responsibility, accountability and leadership.

Kairi has continued his relationship with Streamside by volunteering each of the last 3 years for Winter Blast. This is a priority to him because of the role Streamside has played in his life; teaching him valuable life lessons, helping him on his Christian journey and preparing him for ministry roles.  He feels it is a good opportunity to minister to children, because “Streamside is the best place for urban youth, because it teaches you what it really means to be a Christian.”

Kairi is about to graduate with a degree in political science from Kutztown University where he is the campus president of the NAACP, works at the multi-cultural center and has led Ignite Ministries as a student. His goal is to attend divinity school. Kairi is serving as the youth pastor at Friendly Friends Deliverance Church.  He hopes to continue to volunteer at Streamside and send campers as well.

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