Most of us really do not comprehend fully how big, diverse and dynamic is the world-wide community that believes in and follows Jesus Christ.  Yes, we are very familiar with our families and churches within the communities we circulate, but it is rare to have the opportunity to interact beyond those.  One of the great privileges we have at Streamside is to host retreat groups that represent the diversity of the Kingdom of God.  In one Spring weekend alone, we hosted a Spanish speaking Pentecostal women’s group, a teen youth group from North Philly and a confirmation class from a suburban youth group.  Christians from different ethnic groups, socio-economic statuses, languages, genders, ages, theological positions and cultural mindsets shared our snacks, dining hall, activities and grounds all with the common purpose of worshiping Jesus and learning to follow him better. Sometimes we see this diversity all in the same group and that is really cool.  You can add the uniqueness that defines your group to the mix by retreating at Streamside.  We will welcome you and assist you in our common purpose of building the Body of Christ.

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