Joy Forever More

Joy Forever More

Just as our campers experienced the joy of reaching the top of Big Pocono, we are experiencing the joy of seeing what God has done in the lives of 320 traditional campers, 14 teens in leadership training and an average of 75 day campers.

Joy was a major topic at Streamside this summer.  When the lost sheep was found, there was joy!  When the lost coin was found, there was joy!  When the prodigal son returned there was joy!  When a child or teen comes to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ there is joy!  When we learn to live our lives in obedience to Christ, there is joy!  When we see others made right with God, there is joy!  When we serve together in unity, there is joy!

“Oh you haven’t seen me
Till you see me filled with joy
You haven’t known me
Till you’ve known me filled with joy
Joy forevermore”

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All Jesus Everything

All Jesus Everything

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