Do You Love Streamside?

Streamside has had a major impact on many people.  Campers are given access to a life-changing week at camp. Each camper is loved unconditionally, makes new friends, learns new skills and is introduced to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Summer staff members grow and mature as well.  They learn to exercise their spiritual gifts, see God work in powerful ways, bond with their co-workers and are challenged to deepen their relationship with Christ.  Our ministry partners, who bring children to camp, see the fruit of their prayers and reward of their labor as campers make decisions for Christ.  Churches and organizations that choose to retreat at Streamside find a service-oriented and welcoming staff eager to assist them in accomplishing their ministry goals. Retreat guests experience the peaceful environment and hear from God as they break from the routine of life.  Because of these great experiences, most of the people and groups of people mentioned above have fond memories of Streamside and truly love the ministry. If you are reading this, I imagine that you love the ministry as well.

Streamside Has Needs

Every Christian non-profit ministry has needs and Streamside is no exception. I trust that your experience with Streamside motivates you to view this ministry as worthy of your participation.  We need individuals who will give their time to minister to children and teens during one of our weekend events or summer camps.  We need individuals and groups who will use their talents to maintain our 150 acres of grounds and buildings used to provide quality weeks of camp.  And we need everybody to give as they are able from their treasure to keep the ministry up and running to continue to impact the many who visit this site.

Give of Your Time, Talent and Treasure

Streamside alumni, former staff, ministry partners and retreat groups can all share their heart for this ministry through their time, talents and treasure.  We look forward to hearing from you before the end of the year!
Thank you for giving your time, talent and treasure!
Executive Director