January and February is snow season at Streamside! Since we have the capacity to make snow, snow tubing at Streamside is not dependent on natural snow fall, so there is less risk when you schedule your winter event with us.  As an added bonus, Mole Run, our all season tube slide located by our snow tubing hills, runs even faster in the cold weather.  Snow Tubing and Mole Run can be done throughout the day or under the lights at night.

Unlimited snow tubing is included at no extra cost in every Winter Retreat package in January, February and even early March.  Our typical 2 night/5 meal retreat is only $119 per person.

Day groups can book a two hour private party Monday through Friday including national holidays.  Streamside will provide the snow, tubes, warm meeting room with fireplace, cookies and cocoa for only $10 a person.

Sign up now to get the best date for your group to enjoy snow season at Streamside!