Like and Share us to a Printing Grant

Like and Share us to a Printing Grant

We have received various amounts of a printing grant from Conquest Graphics over the last few years. These grants have helped us tremendously in promotion of our programs as well as raising funds for camperships. We once again have the opportunity to compete with 85 other non-profits to see who can get the most likes and shares.  The better we do, the larger share of the $30,000 printing grant we receive.  Use the link below or the “Vote Now!” button on our home page to like and then share with your network.  By doing this, you will be securing the printing grant, communicating the awesome ministry of Streamside and ultimately providing life-changing weeks of camp for children and teens who need it most.

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BCM Reach Day: Friday, April 26, 2019

Experience God’s Presence Together

Understanding & Nurturing Identity: Family Camp 2019

Understanding & Nurturing Identity: Family Camp 2019

"For we are His workmanship. created in Christ Jesus for good works..." Ephesians 2:10

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