Streamside puts much prayer and effort into providing quality Christian camping experiences for youth. Ultimately, our camps and retreats cannot be measured by how well things went or how much fun we had. What matters is the impact that takes place in the hearts and lives of the young people we serve. We were grateful to receive this wonderful testimony from one of our ministry partners….

I wanted to take a moment to touch base and thank you and the whole Streamside team for an exceptional time at Winter Blast.  Our students had an amazing time. There were so many positive outcomes, but I wanted to mention just a few.  Our boys came from two different neighborhoods, and when they arrived, seated themselves separately.  By the end of the weekend, they were jamming extra chairs around the tables during meals so they could all sit together.  The way camp helped the kids connect was priceless. In addition, during the break out talks with the boys, there was a high level of participation because the talks by CW were really getting through.  After his testimony on Sunday morning, I think they were deeply struck by the transparency and honesty with which he shared his life and struggles.  I know I was.  The participation of Submerged Worship team members in the breakout groups was also excellent and very helpful. I know there is a lot that goes into the preparations for Winter Blast that helped everything to go so smoothly.  The friendliness and the helpfulness of the Staff were exceptional. 


Bill Shoemaker Community Life Pastor Manahawkin Baptist Church