“God Is, Therefore I Am!”


I remember this famous quote from Descartes while studying the Ontological Argument for God’s existence. The Ontological Argument concludes that since we have an idea of a perfect being (God) and this idea could not come from an imperfect universe, there must be that corresponding perfect being. Confusing? Maybe. What is clear, though, is that God wants to see His character developed and lived out in His people.

  • God is holy and wants us to live holy lives
  • God is truthful and wants us to tell the truth
  • God is faithful and wants us to be faithful
  • God is forgiving and wants us to forgive
  • God is enduring and wants us to endure through difficult times

We cannot be any of these things through our own efforts. But because God is who He is, He can produce these character traits in our lives.

“In Him we live and move and have our being”

Acts 17:28

In each of Streamside’s 5 weeks of summer camp, we will be introducing children and teens (ages 7-15), not just to God’s existence, but to His expectations of us and to the wonderful, gracious transformation that takes place in us through Jesus Christ.

Kids & Teen Camp 1: Monday, June 24 – Saturday, June 29

Kids & Teen Camp 2: Monday, July 1 – Saturday, July 6

Kids & Teen Camp 3: Monday, July 8 – Saturday, July 13

Kids & Teen Camp 4: Monday, July 15 – Saturday, July 20

Kids & Teen Camp 5: Monday, July 22 – Saturday, July 27