Streamside Alumni Camp 2019

Friday, August 30 – Monday, September 2

Labor Day Weekend is Streamside’s multi-generational event for adults and Streamside alumni 16 and older!

Featuring Performing and Visual Artist…

Jackie O. Kelley is a dynamic and well sought after musical artist. Her original songs come purely from the depths of her soul and life experiences. She is an accomplished visual artist as well as a performing artist. Her greatest desire is to love God with all her heart and serve in ministry, sharing her gifts to lift up the name of Christ to the entire world.

Jackie will be joined by her husband, Keith, and together they will inspire us to live for Jesus all the time, wherever we are planted and with a willingness to share Him with others.

If you are unable to attend the entire weekend, join us for a concert with Jackie O. Kelley on Sunday evening at 7:00 PM.