Although we are located in the scenic Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, Streamside is a camp that loves the city. Loving the city is more than just welcoming children and teens from urban environments to camp. It is a biblical mindset that truly believes that “the whole world is full of His glory (Isaiah 6:3). We do not think that nature and outdoors, as wonderful as they can be, are somehow better than other locations within God’s creation. We do not think that God is present in the woods but not in the city streets. We value greatly the work that is being done by Christians to exalt God’s name in the city. We recognize that we can learn from our brothers and sisters in Christ who call the city home.

This mindset is instrumental in how we approach ministry. Because Streamside is a camp that truly loves the city, we….

  • Strategically partner with churches, ministries, missionaries and other organizations who are reaching the city to provide life-changing weeks of camp.
  • Believe and teach that if a person is trusting in the Lord and delighting in His Word, they will be able to live for Jesus in the city not just at camp.
  • Seek to be sincerely welcoming and service-oriented to all who choose to retreat at Streamside including ethnic groups and others from urban environments.
  • Are intentional about creating service and leadership training opportunities for urban youth.