After their New Year’s Weekend Retreat last year, we were blessed with thank you cards from the youth of Chinese Conservative Baptist Face to Face Fellowship. Here is some of what they said…

“Hey Streamside… Thank you all so much for a successful weekend and retreat.  The food was amazing.  The cabins felt great and were extremely clean.  You guys were all very nice.”


“Thank you for all you have provided and given us.  Thank you for supporting our small family for many years.”


“You guys are super welcoming.  This campus is probably the best one I’ve ever been to.  It’s really clean and so much fun activity to do.  I really like how we can be so free as in a minimum amount of rules to follow.  Thank you for providing us an amazing weekend and we would definitely come back.”


“Thank you so much for the amount of love and joy you put into your service.  You guys have so much care for those who come here and I can see that.” 


“Thank you Streamside! You all were incredibly hospitable.  I was talking with the adults, we are happy you are all up and running and hosting so many churches. We appreciate you!  God bless!”


Our desire is to provide an affordable quality retreat center with a service-oriented staff whose purpose is to help churches achieve their ministry goals. It is nice to hear that most of the time we are fulfilling that mission.