Each summer, it takes many people to pull off 5 life-changing weeks of camp. Where do all these people come from? Our summer staff and volunteer teams are made up of internationals seeking a cultural exchange experience, American college students, friends and family as well as young people who have grown up in our ministry. Most commit to the whole summer, but some come to us for only one week, giving up vacation time from their careers to be at Streamside. Some have experience in urban living-growing up in the neighborhoods from where our campers come from. Others have never experienced city life and come boldly and with the mindset of a student. Some return for multiple years. They usually represent the diversity of the communities we serve. Why do they serve? Most are passionate about God, care for children and teens and want to make a difference with their lives. Some are motivated by friends and others want to give to others what they have previously received. A few receive college credit and others believe strongly in the power of a camp experience, because it was at a camp where they came to know Christ. Camp is also a fun place to be as well as an opportunity to try out spiritual gifts and develop leadership skills. Most need at least some money to help with college expenses. What do we all take away from the experience? Everybody is tired. There has been a lot of laughter. Tears, both of joy and sorrow, have been shed. Some are challenged beyond what they thought they could handle. We see the lives of children transformed by an encounter with Jesus Christ. The actions and attitudes of real Christ-following have been observed. Catchy songs that teach biblical truth resonate in our minds. Life-long friendships are established and great memories are made. Responsibilities and experiences are added to resumes. At the end of the summer, we are not the same as when we came, because “when we serve, we grow.”

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