Stay at Home orders and social distancing has had a tremendous impact on all of our communities. Streamside is not exempt from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, a number of camps and retreats have cancelled their events at Streamside, either because of current restrictions this Spring or the uncertainty of future conditions this summer. In addition to lost opportunities to do ministry, these cancellations are having a significant negative financial impact, especially for a generous ministry like Streamside. To help combat potential shortfalls, BCM International has added a COVID-19 Fund for each camp to Reach Day on Friday, April 24. If God has provided for you and would lead you to give to this fund, we would be grateful.

Even though we have not been able to host Spring retreat groups, the team at Streamside has not been content see the resources God has given to us go to waste. in addition to working on various projects around camp, we have re-purposed ourselves into a food and shelter location where homeless families can “stay at home” and practice social distancing. While the nation is under stay at home orders, the homeless in our communities (many of whom are women with children) do not have a home to stay home at, leaving them at risk. We are not going to be a recovery center for those who are sick, but are focusing on being a safe location for those who are most vulnerable. We are now listed with PAFoodShelter (PA Deparment of Human Services Sheltering Task Force) as a resource for counties in Pennsylvania.  We provide a cabin for each family and 3 meals a day while their provider agency continues case management with the family.