Streamside’s Cornerstone Initiative

Written by: Tyler J. Lacovara | January 23, 2021
The Day of New Beginnings

Streamside’s mission has always been to serve children who don’t have the means to serve themselves. We share the Gospel, expose them to the beauty of the Pocono Mountains, and finish each summer camp session with a satisfied smile on our face. We love our little corner of God’s Kingdom, and we are good at what we do – it is comfortable territory.

God, however, doesn’t always jive with the word “comfortable”.

For that reason, this will be a year of change for Streamside. We are continuing to build on the heart and soul of what we do, our summer camp ministry, but we are re-dedicating ourselves to the service of our local community. Almost half of the Stroudsburg population is at the poverty line, and most of those children are underserved educationally, emotionally, and spiritually. A guidance counselor at one of our local elementary schools told me that of the 200 children registered, half are “in poverty” and almost 30% of them have parents who are primarily Spanish-speaking. For context, there are only two counselors in the Stroudsburg school district that are bi-lingual.

There isn’t enough help, and the people are crying out.

A Vision for Change

We are determined to do our part to help our neighbors, so Streamside is launching a 4-days-a-week After School Program with an emphasis on helping Spanish-speaking families overcome the many barriers they face. Something as simple as reading homework becomes a major task if a child’s parent does not speak English natively, and is often a contributing factor to lower-than-average reading levels for young children.

Our goal is to provide Monday – Thursday programming from 4pm – 6pm for up to 50 children beginning in 2021. We will also, ideally, provide a meal for the children at the end of the day. Our daily schedule will include one hour of homework help per day (4pm – 5pm) with the second hour encompassing recreational time (Mon, Wed) or Bible study (Tues, Thurs). In addition to this, our staff and volunteer core will provide one-on-one mentorship to both our children and their families. Holistic family transformation is our goal, and we would love to partner with you to make it happen.

So, how can we do it?

The Initiative

This year we are pushing to raise $50,000 in our Cornerstone Initiative project. If we can accomplish this, we will be able to fully fund our After School Program while building on our operations funding to upgrade our depreciating property – key factors in delivering a great ministry program. 

Your partnership with our mission is what will push us over the line. Whether financial, material, or time – your donation matters! If you have any questions about how to partner with us on this project, please reach out to tyler@streamside.org.

Support Our Initiative

What are we Building?

Full Fund After School Program

Our new After School Program will push our current resources to their limit. This additional support will allow us to provide education, spiritual support, meals, and family ministry to our local community. 

Renovation: Cabin to Rec Center

Our Willows building is in need of some TLC. Its position on our property makes it ideal to upgrade from a simple cabin to a functional meeting / recreation space. This will be utilized in our After School Program.

New Community Outreach Events

We are planning two major community events this year – free ministry outreach programs that help to share Streamside’s mission in the Stroudsburg area. We are planning a Fall and Christmas event, more info coming!