Prepare for a week of adventure and ministry in the Pocono Mountains!
Countdown to Summer Camp!

What Should we Expect?

We are excited to announce our brand new Summer Camp experience – the Streamside Olympics! In addition to our usual camp activities, each cabin will represent a different country in our week-long, ministry-centered competitive games. Campers, counselors, and staff will battle to see which cabin comes away with the trophy at the end of the week!

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2021 Speaker & Theme

We are happy to partner with Leo Sayles for our ’21 Winter Blast event! Coach Sayles serves as the head coach of Women’s Volleyball and Associate Athletic Director for Sports Ministry at Grove City College. He has served in ministry roles for over 25 years, including 14 years in youth and children’s ministries in urban, suburban, and rural settings. 

This year, we will be exploring the idea of “Running with Purpose” – what does it mean for a Christian to have purpose in their life? When hard times come, and they will, what grounds us and pushes us to keep running forward? Why do bad things happen to us and, more importantly, why does the Bible tell us that bad things are actually good for us? You will learn all of this, and more, throughout the year at Streamside’s camp events! 

Streamside Olympic Games

Camp Pricing Structure

We know money is tight and families are limited to where they spend it. That’s why Streamside wants to help and make camp available to more families. The already reasonable price for a week of camp is $325 per camper. We are trusting God to provide, through the generosity of donors, additional cost savings through a $50 campership and $40 SFSP discount to each income eligible camper. You may also qualify for some of the additional discounts and scholarships offered.

Camp Registration Steps

We are excited that you have decided to join us this year! To ensure that you have properly registered your child for summer camp, follow the checklist provided and email (or mail if you do not have access to email) all signed forms, payments, and required documentation to our front office. Once all steps are complete, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

A Christian camping experience is very effective in impacting young lives as they are saturated in God’s Word, see godly lifestyles modeled before them, learn new skills and see God’s glory in a different way.

The Streamside experience is more than just getting out of the city.  It is more than just having fun and teaching the Bible. One week of camp can make a profound impact on the lives of young people as they experience new things, make new friends, learn new skills and understand more of the character of God.

  • Complete one registration form for EACH child you are sending to camp utilizing the online form below.

  • Pay the non-refundable deposit and bus fee (if applicable), due at the time of registration.

  • Complete the Health History & Parent/Camper Consent form. Form must be signed and include insurance information. Email the form to streamside@streamside.org.

  • Complete the Streamside Behavior Contract. At this time, you should send the $10-$20 to fill your camper’s Snack Shop account.

  • Complete the Summer Food Service Program Eligibility Form. Financial aid is only applied after the SFSP form is returned to Streamside.

  • Complete the COVID-19 release form, a requirement by the CDC for your child to attend our camp.

  • Pay the remaining balance at least two weeks before your child leaves for camp. ($10 late fee, $20 check return fee).

Register for Camp!

Helpful Tips for Campers & Families

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Summer Camp ’21 will feature a new camp-wide theme that will provide a competitive, but fun, experience for all campers and staff.

Check In

Camp registration opens at 2pm EST on Monday and runs until 4pm. There are a lot of foundational tasks that our staff needs to complete prior to opening registration, so we do not accept early arrivals

Check Out

Plan to pick up your child from Streamside on Saturday between 9:30am – 10am EST. Our staff needs to clean the camp, rest, and prepare for the next group, so prompt pickup is appreciated.

Note: Campers who are registered for consecutive weekly camps must return home for weekends. 

If you are riding the Streamside bus, you will need to be at Christ Baptist Church (1509 Church Lane, Philadelphia) no later than 12:30pm. The bus leaves on time, so please don’t miss out on your epic camp week!

All camper medication & money should be given to the bus supervisor who will deliver it to the camp registrar upon arrival at camp.

A prepared camper is a happy camper! In order to have the best possible experience, consider bringing the following items:

  • Bible
  • One week’s worth of clothing (see clothing tab)
  • Toiletries, pillow, sleeping bag / blanket, towel
  • Pen / pencil, notebook
  • Flashlight
  • Be prepared for both indoor and outdoor activities

A prepared camper is a happy camper! The weather in the Poconos can vary a lot in a week. We have had weeks that began with cold, rainy days and ended with 90+ degree weather for 3 days in a row. Please come prepared! Things to consider:

  • Laundry facilities are not available, so every camper should have enough clothing to last a week.
  • Camping is dirty! Many kids change clothes multiple times per day.
  • Having long pants, a sweatshirt, and a light jacket is helpful.

Modesty Agreement

At Streamside, we foster an atmosphere of modesty and security for all campers and staff. By adhering to these policies, we can ensure that no camper is left feeling uncomfortable during their stay.


  • Clothing should be proper size – no large, low hanging pants. No underwear showing.
  • Swimsuits should be proper size – secure around the waist with no sagging.


  • No short skirts, see-through blouses, bare midriff, low-cut / revealing tops (visible cleavage), or tight fitting bottoms (skirts, shorts, or pants).
  • Swimsuits should be one-piece or tankini (must overlap bottom at waist). Two-piece, bare-midriff swimsuits are NOT appropriate.


  • Clothing, jewelry, and/or accessories must reflect standards of decency and modesty, and must not be inappropriate or distracting to the environment of the camp.
  • Clothing that displays inappropriate words or graphics is NOT allowed.
  • Athletic-type shoes, sneakers, or hiking boots are needed for mountain climb and athletic activities. Sandals, slides, flip-flops, and water shoes are acceptable for swimming pool and casual activities.


If a camper requires doctor-prescribed medication during camp, the parent/guardian should provide the camp nurse (on or before arrival) with the medication in its original container and directions for use.

Medical Emergencies 

Streamside takes its responsibility for your child’s health and safety very seriously. We will contact you as
soon as possible if your child needs to visit a doctor or hospital emergency room. To ensure proper care,
it is extremely important that you complete the Health History record for your child, as well as provide
phone numbers where we can reach you at any time

Winter camp is your opportunity to adventure in the snow and outdoors, so for your safety please do not bring the following items:

  • Electronics (iPad, computer, gaming consoles, etc)
  • Cell phones
  • Weapons, including pocket knives
  • Sled (we will provide)
  • Anything valuable or sentimental (things get lost at camp more than you think!)

Anything considered harmful to the camp experience or other campers will be confiscated and kept in the office until the end of the week. Illegal or age-restricted items such as cigarettes, obscene literature, or harmful substances will be destroyed. Streamside is not responsible for any valuables lost, broken, or missing.

Safety is our highest concern at Streamside. All our cabin counselors, permanent staff, and temporary staff are required to go through an extensive background check process that includes spiritual fitness. Additionally, we have a camp nurse on staff to ensure that children are physically safe.

Many of our campers bring a small amount of spending money ($10-$20) for the week. Campers who exhibit good behavior are eligible to visit the Snack Shop each day.

Spending money is deposited into the camper’s account and may be deposited during registration or ahead of time by mail or online.

Summer Camp Starter Guide

Streamside Behavior Contract

SFSP Eligibility Form

Health History & Parent/Camper Consent Form

Travel Directions

COVID-19 Release Form

*For directions to Streamside camp, please visit our Contact Page