A reality for camps amidst COVID-19 is loss of income and unfortunately that leads to reduction in staffing. We had originally reduced our staff to only heads of households in an attempt to provide at least some income for each family. When the stay at home orders were extended and we began losing potential August income through cancellations, more needed to be done. The first additional reduction is the elimination of the role of Executive Director. Craig Vincent, who has served as Streamside’s Exective Director since 2010, will be vacating his position on May 8th. Here is what he had to say about serving as a BCM missionary at Streamside….

Streamside has a 78 year legacy of reaching children and strengthening churches. It’s unique identity has been to serve those who are often left out of other camps. Over the last 10 years, it has been my privilege to lead the passionate, resilient and dedicated team of Christ followers whose greatest desire is to see children meet Jesus, learn to walk in holiness and become successful in life. Through the practical application of God’s Word, a broader base of ministry partnerships, a greater commitment to leadership development and a closer association with our parent organization, BCM International, I believe we are having a greater eternal impact on all those we serve. We have become a more understanding community with a clear and unified sense of purpose, We have a greater knowledge of, and therefore empathy for, those we serve. Our team is beginning to reflect the ethnicities, cultures and ages of the people God has entrusted to us. Our prayer, volunteer and support base is growing. Our relationships with, and service to, our retreat groups is greatly appreciated. Most importantly, there is a commitment to learning, teaching and living out God’s Word.

Craig Vincent, April 28, 2020

During the COVID-19 crisis and ensuing recovery, Matt Brown will lead the team at Streamside Camp & Conference Center as Operations Manager under the leadership, vision and direction of Marc Hoyle, BCM International’s USA Director. We are trusting God to bring us to the other side as a sustainable ministry that continues to reach children and teens from urban environments through camping and strengthens churches through hosting retreats.

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