Ways to Support Us

Reach Day  has already come and gone but Streamside is still asking our community to come together and help us fundraise for a new bus! If you have ever ridden this bus, and many have, you know that our bus has seen some mileage and it’s starting to show. Our capability to provide transportation to these children is a key factor to be able to reach kids every year with the Gospel and we would love you to be a part of that!

We are praying that God will provide us with the rest of remaining $6,000 dollars we are in need of to purchase a bus. This bus will ensure that we are able to continue to provide transportation to families that are not capable to drive the 2-hour long trip from Philadelphia to The Poconos.

Please Donate

Donate to Streamside! 

Material Donation Needs

Trucks or Vans (even if they need a little work)

Golf Carts (electric preferred)

Side-by-Side (Gas powered)

Paddle Boats / Canoes

Bobcat with Snowblower

Large riding mower

Keurig coffee maker. 

Waffle maker. 

Oven / stovetop. 

Stainless steel refrigerator. 

*New* linens, bedding, and mattresses (twin, queen)

Neutral curtains (white, beige, tan).


LED Lightbulbs / Modern light fixtures.

Color-changing LED strip lights.

General home décor (modern, Home Goods style).

Commercial walk-in Fridge.

Steamer / oven combo.

Food warmer cabinet.

Cereal bowl dispenser.

375 CFM diesel air compressor.

The old maxim that it is better to cut costs than raise money is alive and well in ministry! In-kind donations can pack a powerful punch in helping us maintain our camp, renovate our property for our kids, and save money in the process.

We have a few bigger maintenance projects going on this year including updating cabin flooring, putting an upgraded kitchen in our Willows suite, and re-building our Challenge Course (Ninja Warrior style). These are just the tip of the iceberg, so your donations will go a long way!

If you would like to make a material donation, please email streamside@streamside.org or call (570-629-1902)