Building the Next Generation of Spiritual Leaders

Our holistic development program provides young adults with spiritual, academic, personal, and physical growth. Students are encouraged to choose a degree track, intimately study the Bible, and build critical life & leadership skills. Our 1-to-1 mentorship system provides consistency and accountability through this process.

College Degree Track

Our innovative college track allows Rooted students to earn a 4-year degree at minimal expense, under experienced guidance.

Biblical Training

Regardless of degree choice, all Rooted students spend their 4-year fellowship studying and applying the Bible in a ministry setting.

Leadership Foundation

Our goal is to send our students on to new opportunities as disciplined and mature spiritual leaders with practical professional skills.

Varied Career Skills

Knowing how to fix a car can be just as important for a leader as knowing how to budget. Skill building is a core part of Rooted.

Dedicated Biblical Training

All Rooted students will pursue a dedicated Biblical study track under the guidance of experienced spiritual leaders. These tracks will be tailored to the individual by their mentor with the purpose of applying lessons learned in a hands-on ministry setting.

Our Biblical coursework will be pursed in conjunction with regular college coursework.

Example Biblical Study Track

  • Semester 1: Philippians, Galatians, Acts

  • Semester 2: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

  • Semester 3: 1st & 2nd Samuel, Kings

  • Semester 4: Jeremiah, Nehemiah

  • Semester 5: Ephesians, Romans

Pursuing Your Degree

Our students begin their academic career with a series of CLEP tests (see FAQs) that award up to 50 credits out of the required 120 for a B.S. This process generally takes two years, but is entirely free as long as there are no failed tests.

After this, our students enroll in either Liberty Online or Penn State World Campus to pursue the remainder of their Bachelor’s degree while living on Streamside campus.

Degree Tracks

A general business track is ideal for students interested in the leadership end of ministry. This program focuses on developing a solid foundation of business skills including marketing, management, fundraising, and networking. Our program offers both Business Administration and Marketing tracks.

Example Careers:

  • Executive Director
  • Program Director
  • Development Director

Our Psychology program offers students the chance to study counseling / applied psychology while working closely with children and parents. This is a non-clinical, non-licensed track, but can set a student up to pursue licensure via a Master’s degree in the future.

Example Careers: 

  • Family / Child Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Graduate / PhD-level research
Our Education track allows students to pursue a Bachelors in Special Education or Elementary Education while working directly with children for 15-20 hours per week. Track specializations include ESL, Math, and Social Studies.

Example Careers:

  • Elementary School Teacher
  • ESL Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher

For students interested in serving their community in a parallel-ministry setting, our Criminal Justice track provides a solid foundation. This program provides a well-rounded understanding of the law, policing and community engagement, and social working. 

Example Careers:

  • Police Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Lawyer
Our Divinity track, offered by Liberty University Online, provides a solid Biblical foundation to students who are interested in making ministry a career. Specializations include: Biblical Studies, Apologetics, and Christian Leadership & Management.

Example Careers:

  • Pastor
  • Ministry Director

Hands-on Experience & Discipleship

Once a candidate is accepted into the program, they will be assigned a job title and mentor at Streamside and begin their internship. For Marketing majors, their job title of ‘Marketing Coordinator’ will provide them with 4-years of resume-building experience that will translate to greater opportunities.

Throughout this process, students will attend various workshops at camp designed to teach practical skills such as carpentry or auto repair to build them into a more holistic and competent leader.

Job Titles to Choose From
Hours per Week of Experience

Rooted Application Process

1. Eligibility

The Rooted Discipleship Program is open to high school graduates between 18 -24 years old.

Our Rooted program is an intense internship in which students will pursue a 4-year degree, work as an intern at Streamside in their desired field and build key career skills. Due to the intensity of the content, we are only accepting 1-3 Rooted students per year.

Eligibility for this program is based on a variety of spiritual, professional, and academic factors. We look at each candidate in a holistic way, meaning poor high school performance can be negated by positive volunteering and leadership experience.

Base eligibility requirements are as follows: high school graduate, spiritually healthy (involved in church and ministry), leadership potential, and exceptional work ethic.

2. Application

Our intensive application process attempts to give us the full picture of who you are and what your ideal future looks like.

Dedicating a sufficient amount of time to your application is key to moving through our process quickly. We want to get a feel for who you are and why you think this program will benefit you. Most importantly, we want to understand your relationship with Christ and your thoughts on theology.

It’s long, but important!

3. Review Process

Our review process involves a virtual interview, in-person interview, and on-site volunteering.

Once your application has been submitted and approved, you will be invited to the first-round, virtual interview with the Director. At this point, a decision will be made to move forward with an in-person interview and volunteering requirements.

All Rooted applicants are expected to volunteer with Streamside for a specific amount of time prior to acceptance into the program. This step is important for our staff to get a feel for your work ethic, commitment to ministry, leadership abilities, and personality.

4. Success

You will be welcomed into a holistic spiritual leadership development program. Congratulations!

Congratulations, you’re in! This program is not for the faint of heart, but with a little grit you will do great. At this time you will meet with your mentor to choose your degree track, map out your 4-year program into semesters, move in to your dorm, and begin your training.

We can’t wait to have you on the team!

Ready to Take the Leap? Apply Today!

*Rooted program applications will open March 15, 2021.